About Koko


Delsa is a first-time business owner—You’re seeing her dream come to life in this website!

You can’t know her without knowing or noticing her love for fashion and style! Presentation has always been important to her. What you might not know is that specific love came from her own mom! Raised by a single mother [pictured above in her sassiness], she moved to the U.S. from Western Samoa at young age. Her mother, Alofa (“Love” in Samoan), instilled just that—love and tough love—into her at a young age. She’s always worked hard to provide for her mom and siblings, her husband and 4 children, others dreams, and now hers. The love for fashion was inspired watching her mom get ready and how she would put together her outfit from head to toe for her weekend night out: It didn't matter how little or tight they were on money, girlfriend was ALWAYS on point! She was known for it; She always made it work to work it! 

“Koko” has multiple meanings—“Koko” means “cocoa” in Samoan, is her grandma name she wants to go by (as she still impatiently waits to have grandkids), and is a constant reminder of her mom. Her mother's nickname was "Koko" due to her crazy outgoing personality and chic fashion sense. She was the type of woman that filled the room with her presence, loved unconditionally, and lived boldly. Her mother's decision to migrate to America has made it possible for her to live the American Dream and strives daily to bring honor to her mother's memory. Delsa also has a HUGE obsession with Prince (the late singer), and period movies and books—You might notice the clothes are named after Prince songs and Jane Austen characters. Believe it or not, this woman is PAST the age of 50! You’re never too old to start moving towards your dream and focus on what you love! She. Is. HERE. With her online clothing boutique named in honor of her late mother and putting out into the universe to bring her success and grandkids! 😉

She’s always known for being the “extra” one—but it’s just her “normal”. A.K.A..."Kouture" stands for "Delsa's normal"! Come here to grab your Delsa-picked new addition to your wardrobe! You’ll also find tips from everyone’s favorite fashionista on how best to wear each item, and how to transition your piece based on the season!

Your support means the world and is so appreciated!